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Cupboard Doors

You need a Cambridge carpenter to fix your cabinet door hinge, or perhaps install your dishwasher door integrated? Here’s where you need to be. We can fix your hinges so that you have perfectly aligned cupboard doors. Fill out Handyman Cambridge Booking Form today or call us on 01223904097 to request a free appointment.

Get Cupboard Door Services in Cambridge

If your kitchen cabinet door does not close properly due to binding in the frame, or if you need help installing your cupboard door so that your integrated refrigerator blends seamlessly with your new kitchen, Handyman Cambridge can lend a helping hand.

Our Cambridge carpenters are fully qualified to adjust, replace, or reattach cupboard doors as well as built in doors such as integrated appliances doors including fridge and dishwasher doors. Our team of experienced carpenters can help you with any integrated appliance door, such as a dishwasher or washing machine.

Handyman Cambridge can also help with a wide range of carpentry tasks, such as building and installing shelves or assembling kitchen units. Are you looking for other handyman services? Our team of experts can provide you with plumbing, electrical, and decorating services. Call 01223904097 today or fill out our online form to receive a free estimate.

Cambridge Cupboard Doors Service | Handyman Cambridge
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