Need a Handyman in Cambridge? Welcome to Handyman Cambridge.


You may be looking for a painter or decorator in Cambridge. You might be looking for decorators nearby. Choose our premier decorating services in Cambridge. From elegant interiors to vibrant exteriors, our expert team delivers impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Call now.

Decorating Services

We do a lot of different jobs, from fixing small things to completely redecorating homes in Grantchester. You can contact us to talk about what you need or book a skilled worker online. Our proficient team can handle anything from sprucing up one room to giving a whole property a fresh look.

Filling Cracks in Walls Near You | Handyman Cambridge

Cracked walls can be a bother. Our expert decorators can fix them. We use top-quality materials and proven techniques to ensure a smooth, lasting repair. Whether hairline cracks or larger gaps, we'll restore your walls to their former glory. Get in touch today for efficient, affordable filling cracks and decorating services in Trumpington.


We use top-grade silicone sealant to create a watertight, long-lasting seal around sinks, baths, showers, and windows. Avoid drafts and moisture problems, and enjoy a comfortable, worry-free home. Contact us to enhance your space's functionality and aesthetics with our trusted home decorators in Cambridge.

Cambridge Plaster Patch Repair Specialist | Handyman Cambridge

Our experienced and reliable professionals specialize in restoring walls seamlessly. We can fix small holes, cracks, and damaged areas, leaving your walls looking smooth and flawless. Our plasterers are skilled and efficient, ensuring a high-quality finish that lasts. We also offer Cambridge decorating services to refresh your entire room in one go.

Cambridge Painting Specialist Near You | Handyman Cambridge

We provide high-quality painting and services to transform your living space. Our experienced painters in Coton will meticulously apply your chosen colours, leaving a flawless finish that enhances your home's beauty and value.

Professional Wallpaper Hanging Near You | Handyman Cambridge

Our skilled team ensures a flawless finish so you can relax and enjoy your stunning new decor. We’re experts in decorating services in Cambridge, ensuring impeccable results every time. Enhance your home with wallpaper hanging.

Cambridge Fixing Ceiling Cracks Near You | Handyman Cambridge

Cracked ceilings can be unsightly and concerning, but our professional team can help. We have extensive experience repairing cracks in Barnwell homes and businesses, using top-quality materials and proven techniques.

Expert Repairing Holes in Walls Near You | Handyman Cambridge

We specialize in fixing holes, big or small, leaving no trace behind. Our experts are trained to handle all types of wall damage efficiently. Plus, we offer wall decorates services to give your walls a fresh look after repair.

Cambridge Glossing Services Near You | Handyman Cambridge

Get efficient glossing services in Chesterton. Our team excels in providing high-quality glossing for your walls and surfaces. With skilled professionals at your service, we ensure a smooth and glossy finish.

Professional Decorating Services in Cambridge

Handyman Cambridge ensures a flawless finish that reflects your style. Forget about faded paint, chipped walls and get a beautiful, inviting space you’ll love. Contact us today for a free decorating quote.

We can assist you if you need help with a renovation project or redecoration of your office. Our team includes painters and decorators who can give your home or office a stunning finish. We know how important it can be to protect furniture and other belongings and keep them clean before starting any project.

Our experienced team can do anything from a small touch up to repainting your entire house. We have experience hanging wallpapers on wooden stairs, kitchen doors, skirting boards, and other surfaces.

We offer commercial painting services that are also available for your office. Our Cambridge decorators can also repair any crack or hole in your wall.

Handyman Cambridge provides more than just painting services. Our Cambridge carpenters can install wood flooring, build bespoke shelving and repair sash windows. Also, they can assemble kitchen cabinets. Our locksmiths can install new locks, security systems or intruder alarms. Also, they can repair or replace old locks. Our electricians are able to test lighting circuits and replace damaged plugs. They can also replace hard-to-reach lightbulbs. Our plumbers can unblock toilets and replace garden taps. They can also fix radiators that have burst, as well as install washing machines. Our handymen can assemble flat-packs, baby proof homes and replace ceiling tiles, as well as cable tidy, hang curtains, and install curtain rods. We do it all!

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