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Drill Through Tiles

Worried you’re going to crack your beautiful new tiles if you drill through them? Welcome to the Handyman Cambridge. Have you just completed your bathroom tiling work and it looks great? However, now you need to install light fixtures, towel bars and toilet paper holders and you are worried that you are going to ruin all of your hard work? If you want to fix anything to your tiles, you will need to drill holes in them which requires a good deal of skill and the right drill bit. This is definitely a job for the professionals.

At the Handyman Cambridge we have a highly experienced team who have drilled into various types of tiles over the years and will finish the job effectively and in a timely manner. Give us a call on 01223904097 or request a free quote today by filing our online booking form.

Highly Experienced Tile Drilling Team

Drilling through tile can be a very challenging process if you don’t have the necessary items or follow the correct steps. Drilling ceramic tiles, drilling porcelain tiles or drilling natural tiles have all particularities in the drilling process. For example, even though ceramic tiles are very strong they also have little tensile strength, which makes them easier to crack if you are not careful. Natural tiles are slightly softer than porcelain tiles, so there is less risk of cracking, however, you’ll still need the correct drill bit for the job.

If you simply don’t have time in your hands to even give it a try, don’t worry – our team will be with you shortly. Our Cambridge handymen will be able to drill through your bathroom porcelain tiles or non-porcelain tiles and after drilling we can also install soap dish, install towel hooks or even a mirror on the wall.

Drill Through Tiles Team Near You | Handyman Cambridge

In case you require a professional to do a complete bathroom makeover, we can do that too. From changing up all the white existing tiles with some patterned tiles, removing old grout and applying new colourful grout for that special pop of colour to hanging new mirrors, siliconing around basins, fitting a new shelf for all of your personal beauty items, replacing extractor fans, changing light switches and installing new toilets. Give our team a call today on 01223904097 or request a free quote by filling out our online booking form.

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