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Finding Faults and Repairs

Electrical problems can be manifested in many ways, including damaged appliances, electric shocks and flickering lights. Handyman Cambridge’s team of highly-skilled electrical experts will be able to find a solution to any electrical issue you may have. Our Cambridge electricians have experience in many electrical repairs such as replacing and repairing light switches.

Electrical problems can occur in both residential and commercial properties. These include frequent electrical surges and short circuits, doorbells not working, power dips and sags, non-working light switches, overloaded circuits, electric shocks and frequent bulb replacement. This could be due to faulty circuits, outlets or wiring. This can cause appliances to be damaged or larger problems. Our electricians can repair damaged wiring or circuits, fix flickering lights, and much more.

To avoid future problems, you should regularly test your electrical appliances. Our local electricians will perform electrical installation condition reports and portable appliance testing to ensure all of your electrical appliances are working properly. Our electricians in Cambridge can also replace lighting fixtures or wire-switched fused spurs. We provide a wide range of services including installation of terminal connectors and 2 way switches.

Handyman Cambridge also offers other handyman services, such as carpentry, decorating and plumbing. Also, they offer general handyman services, such as: installing shelves, baby proofing homes, flat-pack furniture assembly, tiling walls and floors, replacing ceiling tiles and draught proofing homes.

Finding Faults and Repairs Near You | Handyman Cambridge
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