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How to grout tile? How to remove old grout? Call the Squad. Welcome to the Handyman Cambridge. Are you renovating your kitchen or bathroom and want to remove the old grubby grout and apply new, clean grout? Perhaps you simply want a replace the dull grey-coloured grout with some new blue coloured grout? At the Handyman Cambridge we have a highly-experienced team who can grout new tiles or regrout old ones, which involved removing the old grout. Give our team a call today by calling 01223904097, alternatively, request a free quote by filling our online booking form.

Expert Grouting Services in Cambridge

Has water soaked into your grout quickly – it’s time to get it resealed! Sealing both your tiles and grout is one of the most important steps to ensure longevity of your tile back splash, tile walls and tile floor. It will make it look great and last for a long time if you seal them. It is also important to maintain the sealant and reseal your tiles and grout periodically.

In case your tile grout has become dark, dirty and stained and you’ve tried cleaning it, but it didn’t work, maybe it’s time to regrout your tiles. At the Handyman Cambridge our professionals are experts at removing old grout and regrouting your tiles. We can also simply touch up the grout.

Besides grouting tile in bathroom floors and kitchen backsplashes, our team also applies grout to shower cubicles and grout paving stones. Are you thinking of grouting over existing grout in a tile floor? Please don’t. Remove that idea from your head, because the results won’t be good whatsoever – it is possible, but it won’t be worth the trouble.

Cambridge Grouting Services Near You | Handyman Cambridge

If you want to change your bathroom style a bit, why not change the colour of the tile grout? It’s such a simple change, but it will be great to give your bathroom a special touch and a pop of colour. There are a variety of grout colours, it’s no longer just black and white. You can get red grout, yellow grout, green grout or even glittery grout!

Do you need an extra pair of hands grouting tiles? Perhaps a helping hand actually changing damaged tiles? Or do you simply need a professional to drill through tiles to install a new towel paper dispenser? At the Handyman Cambridge we can offer you all of the services mentioned above and much more – request a free quote today by filling our online booking form or give us a call on 01223904097.

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