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Are you looking to install a new 2 way switch, or maybe a new plug socket? Handyman Cambridge is here to help. Many homes do not have enough outlets to accommodate all of the electrical equipment and appliances that people want to plug into them. Existing outlets may also not be in a convenient location or not powerful enough. Converting these outlets to double or triple outlets is a great way to solve this problem.

Electric Installations Services in Cambridge

Our Cambridge electricians can install new plug sockets and switches, replace one-way switches with two-way switches, install chased-in wiring, install surface-mounted cabling, add new lighting, add new ceiling lights, take a new spur off an existing circuit, or outlet, install chandeliers and pendant lights, as well as many other services.

You may want to replace old plug sockets by outlets with usb ports, or just more powerful outlets capable of charging your laptop and phone. You may be doing a home renovation and need an electrician to install surface-mounted cabling or wire a new lighting circuit. Our team of highly experienced electricians will complete the work efficiently and on time.

The electricians at Handyman Cambridge are experienced in changing light bulbs that are hard to reach, repairing damaged sockets, testing appliances, fixing lighting faults and replacing flickering light bulbs, testing lighting circuits and replacing electrical boxes. They can also replace bathroom pull cords and damaged cable trunking. Contact our professional now!

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