Need a Handyman in Cambridge? Welcome to Handyman Cambridge.

Plaster Patch Repair

Patching plaster? Looking for plaster repair? The team can do it. Have you removed an old light fitting, and now need to have it repaired by a professional? We can make it look like nothing happened, ready for a mist coat of paint.

Cambridge Plaster Patch Repair Specialist

We are always happy to assist you with any other decorating needs. We can paint cabinets in your home, gloss the doors or repair a hole in the ceiling.

Handyman Cambridge provides more than decorating services. Handyman Cambridge also offers carpentry services, electrical services, plumbing services, locksmith services and more.

Our experts are also skilled in installing integrated dishwashers and new locks. They can also wash garden furniture under pressure, change lightbulbs, and mount TV screens to walls. Also, they can install spurs on existing outlets, replace lightbulbs, and perform maintenance and repair of offices.

Cambridge Plaster Patch Repair Specialist | Handyman Cambridge
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